Watching Walls


95 x 60 cm, Series of 2

Paper cut layered on recycled paper



“Landscapes from her country kept appearing to her by day. No, this was not daydreaming, lengthy and conscious, willed; it was something else entirely: visions of landscapes would blink on in her hear unexpectedly, abruptly, swiftly, and go out instantly.” – Milan Kundera, Ignorance, P. 16


A series of two pieces comprising of a paper cut hovering over recycled paper. The top layer consists of perforated washi (Japanese paper) intriguingly tracing recollections as reminiscence unfolds.


The bottom layer involves a blended layer of recycled scraps, collected from daily errands. The gathered once informative disposables are then tore down by hand, slowly crushed and mingled into an enticing sheet of colourful sparkles.


Documents, letters, packaging, receipts, residues of old paper cuts; paper of all forms enter life with daily affairs and leave as useless residue in life. They used to be an important part of various matters, but with the constraint of time they end up as trash, just like a present unwrapped.

copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho