Trivial Assistance


Dimension varies

Paper cut



Following cracks on paper doors, tracing them down and sealing voids; sustaining futile labour.


Lots of movements and time passes through a space; markings are etched, left behind be it intentional or otherwise. I traced these movements of time through paper doors of my studio. Following cracks and tears on them, I slowly mended them up with my paper cut wordings.


It is as if tailoring a band aid with my own language, temporarily healing the spot. I carefully trace out each patch, making it fit onto each crack or tear. An act of futile labour is produced when a lot of time is placed into creating something to assist, yet its nature is so delicate and weak, failing to sustain substantial assistance.


Trivial Assistance is done in a six weeks residency with Shiro Oni Studio in Onishi, Japan.

copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho