Tracing Chases & Toning Tiles


85 x 60 cm & 27 x 47 cm

Paper cut


Toning Tiles is part of a private collection


Texts and wordings exchanged, are like air breathed into your lungs, intangible, weightless, absorbs in and leaves. They start floating up, drawing up images and words once seen and heard before. You don't literally see them, but they are there, in the space of your mind. This haunting is transparent, invisible yet they exist, floating before us.


You try to catch them, to write them down or record them. But every time you read them, do they still mean the same? The vaguer it gets, the difficulty to chase it back heightens. It will never come back to you as it was.


They have to be exhaled eventually, no matter how deep the attempt to keep the inhale is. You can never accurately trace back your memories. Those moments lived were temporary, they will be recorded, involuntarily being altered unconsciously bit by bit, as the clock ticks silently.


copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho