Sentimental Waste


60 x 42 cm each (Series of 2)

Paper cut


Available as an NFT:


Sentimental waste is the idea of something that used to be important, but with the matter of time it loses its relevancy. That something becomes obsolete. Yet sentiments linger, requesting a grip onto those deemed as waste. The contrast of significance piques in. Taking an example of a once important object, from past to present, the identity of a non living thing stays. However, with a distance of time, the intimacy you shared with it, or the frequency that it visits your mind gradually depletes.


Pushing my visuals back to the simple basics, I abolished my past habits of borrowing patterns and images. I get back into my idea of sentimental waste, heading straight and writing my sentiments down profusely with honest materials. I then chose to obliterate these intimate ramblings, slowly realising that they fall off the category of wordings as I try to cut through them. They became voids, left behind with the space of memories. Becoming undecipherable, they are unable to be withdrawn again. My feelings towards these sentiments change, as I have to perceive them anew.


With two cut out sheets covered with residues of pencil writing, I delve into my pieces, exploring through them. Sentiments exist ubiquitously, intangibly weighing us down unknowingly. They became permanently tangled as they repetitively overlap against each other. They are compressed; thin, light yet widespread, coalesced across my mind. I built layers, in attempt to extend them, allowing their shadows to cast over with the presence of light.


The sheets of wordings then cascade, prolonging adjacently in shades of grey. Taking curves and forms, details are projected. Ironically amplifying ambiguity as they collide, further obscuring the content. They propel into a contrasting shade, coherently merging as they clash.



copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho