Futile Dialogues


200 x 75 cm

Performance (30 min intervals, embossing on tracing paper)


This dialogue of futility is held between an empty desire to revisit memories against the constant wearing of memories. It is as if conversing with a rock, in attempt to stir up a conversation leading to nothing but futility.


This haunting of our memories is ubiquitous, it may be transparent, but it is present, right in front of us. It resides around us, floating in the space of our minds, seemingly settling in, integrating with our daily lives.


Memories are physically empty, light, weightless, but they carry the weight of sentiments from reminiscence, embossed into the mind. Embossing on tracing paper leaves a gentle stretch allowing the translucent to appear opaque. It is as if a scar left on our seemingly vulnerable skin, deep enough to permeate thorough permanently. The words imprinted may be a start of a conversation, a part of an idle talk, or possibly a spark to re-lit the dialogue. They shall repeat, collide and reside on each other, as memories are being written everyday. Some parts start to fall off as they become undecipherable, while the other stays, for as long as it remains significant to the holder of the memories.





copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho