Futile Assistance


Dimension varies

Embossed paper and rice glue



Sealing physical cracks with sentiments, paper and rice.


When damage permeates, traces are often only seen left on the surface. As quiet and subtle these traces may seem, they are imbued and inflicted, deep under superficial barriers.


Skin often acts as a protection, guarding the sensitive flesh down under. As fragile and delicate it can get, time is always essential to build the structure of the skin. If only I could assist, helping cracks heal from their split. I started creating bandages of skins made from paper.


As if an exchange of sentiments, a dialogue with users of the space is created with bandages made from tracing paper. Seemingly mechanical produced, embossed with lines of rhymes, each bandage is crafted and tailored by hand with time and labour.


Through a naïve act of superficially covering up cracks with sentiments, scars of embossed wordings are left gently covering the deep fracture. A lot of time is given to this process of ‘healing’, yet insubstantial results are yield. Perhaps if not equipped with the right intention or resources, pure efforts and time will still lead up to futility.




copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho