Dwell in Dust


60 x 45 cm, Series of 3

Paper cut


collection of Hong Kong Arts Centre


This series comprises of three sturdy pieces of tracing paper, perforated with patterns of nostalgic wrapping paper traced with wordings. The action of carving in narrations depicts how intact the memory is inside the mind, it cannot be covered, concealed, nor painted over.


The tracing paper mimics the absent-minded situation while looking backwards, images may form accompanied by narrations. Places you used to go, people you used to see, and habits you used to have, all of a sudden they come back into your mind. The same scenario repeats again and again, but it never gets boring.


The carved in narrations, on nostalgic recollections, fall in neatly within the grids of the rational-looking composition. Nostalgic wrapping paper envelopes formality within its emotional filled setting.


copyright 2021 Jeanie Ho